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Welcome to Black Phoenix

We are a US/Sith guild made up mostly of veteran MMO players who specialize in coordination, team tactics, and strategy on the battlefield.  We are a tight-knit guild who loves to have fun and make a difference in battle.  We come from several other MMO's and are veteran PVPers and raiders.  Post on our forums in the sticky under general discussion if you have questions, or email Imm0rtal at
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Guild Merger info

FallenTurtle, May 16, 12 8:27 PM.
Well, due to the lack of people online at any given point, the following occured, a merger of 4 guilds into one.The new guild is named Assimilation. and the new websites is here.

The new guild will be using mumble for voice chat and you can download it here.

The address for the mumble server is  port is     9833   password is     ass4life  .    when you go the the server where it says user  make sure you put your name.   It will ask for the password at a later time.

To receive an invite, message one of the following people: Blitz, crazygreen, metzir, zeebub, boyington, honeebadger, and gilgamesh. Obviously, you will have to drop guild, to do that either right click your name and under the guild tab put leave guild, or do /gquit.

I must say, I am going to miss doing these news updates as I have lots of new information on 1.3 after swtor has been very quiet about it. I will try and do some news updates to this site from time to time just because I like it so much. Alts and stuff can be left in the guild, and the ventrilo server we currently use is still availible and will never go away for our own personal haven.


Merged Guild Name

CrazyGreen, May 15, 12 5:04 PM.
The poll for the name is up.   Please go vote.

Guild Merger

Imm0rtalmage, May 14, 12 10:20 AM.
We are merging our guild with Nil, Malignant, and Felony to form a new, larger guild in order to be able to run more content and better group for PVP.  The details of this merger can be found in this thread.

Please go read that thread for all the information, and participate in the naming of the new guild.


Combat Log parser in real time

FallenTurtle, Apr 20, 12 3:22 PM.
This just had to be it's own news.  Memories of Xendor has developed a parser that you can run outside of the game,while your playing it, that shows in real time what the dps is of you and your entire raid.

Download it here and follow the instructions.

Bioware is stupid and is apparently banning people that use this for a week. Until further notice, don't use or install the program. I'm still leaving the link up til I find out more information but until then, do not download or use.

Update to the update*
You will not be banned for using this or any other combat parser as the developers have stated they want to encourage third party combat logs. so, go ahead and download it and use it :)

Set bonus transfers

Imm0rtalmage, Apr 15, 12 11:11 PM.
It has been confirmed that Rakata and lower gear does not retain it's set bonuses even if obtained after the patch.
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